hi i'm anita and i'm probably the biggest nathan sykes stan you will ever meet


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I: Who has the most lame passion?
Everyone: Siva. (x)

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hair almost as messy as my life

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Tom’s twitcam on September 26th 2014

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are you a syko?

syko as in psycho ??? no…


Nathan on the Capital FM's Advert September 2014

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I watched for already two hours but i’m giving up cause it’s already 1:30 am and i have to be up early :’(((

oww on a saturday???? im sorry beeb:/ 

orhgasm replied to your post: are any of you guys watching the ihear…

same tbh i only watched taylor’s and nicki’s lol

shit i missed them, ://// but i saw bang bang on youtube and it was so good yas

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