hi i'm anita and i'm probably the biggest nathan sykes stan you will ever meet


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@kelsey_belle90: Gotta love this boy!!! Xx @tomparkerofficial

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@birdspotting: Fool in the pool.

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nathansykes: Enjoy!!! I now nominate @harmonysamuels @robknox_ys and @otyofficial!! Please donate!!! #ALSIceBucketChallenge

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sivaofficial: “Family shot! With @birdspotting ‘s photo skills 📷”

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I completely understand your point, Anita. I love The Wanted and I adore Nathan, but I suddenly remember why when I got mad at the JoBros when I was like 13 (I honestly don't even remember why), that I swore off boy bands because drama like this always happens. :( I'm just upset. Mainly because I don't know what's going on, they won't tell us anything, then they get our hopes up, only to slam us down. I really love them, but they are really trying my patience, especially Nathan right now.

:((( same to everything you said. Like, idk i’m not even mad anymore i’m just sad. It doesn’t really matter if they were booked as a 4 piece, i just can’t get past the fact that nathan won’t be there. It was just one day, one last gig to make their fans happy. It wasn’t that hard, you know. I’m still so disappointed.